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OK ... We just took a great photo, but on closer inspection there appeared to be a bit of a bogey in one of his nostrils. While we can get away with this for a small photo, once we tried printing this out onto A4 it was clearly visible... So... How can we get rid of it... One method would be to use the clone stamp and blur tools.
A simple tutorial suitable for beginners to add a scan line effect to any image.
The final result kind of looks like a snowflake.
Moving objects from one plane to another within an image at one time was a horrible ordeal. Sure you could get there transforming the layer... but it almost never looked natural. Enter Vanishing point.
Let's colorize old black and white drawing
Another task that is handled with ease in Vanishing point is cloning things out of walls, floors or any other plane you might come across. This comes in especially handy when the plane is composed of a repeating pattern such as planks of wood, bricks or tile. Vanishing point lets you choose a point to start cloning and this scales your brush size on the fly making it smaller or larger according to where you are on the plane.
The vanishing point filter is pretty much another application. It allows you to maintain a perspective plane inside an image allowing you do to alot of things that would be just short of impossible to do in photoshop alone without pulling all of your hair out. This filter is so deep I'm going to break this tutorial down into 3 or 4 parts. Ever wanted to put someone's picture on a billboard? The side of a building? The wall in your room? While the vanishing point filter will do tons of other things, this is something it excels at doing.
This tutorial will show you how to turn a photo into a lineart image, and as stated in the title leave you free to apply filters to get an array of final products.
I use this technique quite a bit in my print work and the clients love it. I thought I would share it with you, its kinda like those old "pop-up" books you use to see when you were a kid.
So... Like gangter movies? Then you'll love this Duotone 'Scarface' effect tutorial.
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