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Mar 9th 2007
The final result kind of looks like a snowflake.
Today I’m going to ¬show you how to make neat design. First, create a new document; make sure it’s at least 8 by 8 inches.
Now you should have a plain, white document. Create a new layer and make a selection using the Elliptical Marquee Tool Your selection should be about this size compare to your document:
Now fill your selection in with the color of your choice using the Paint Bucket Tool I’m using a bluish color (0042FF) to fill in my selection. When you’re done filling it in, deselect (control/command + D).
Zoom in on the circle at 800%, and with the Lasso Tool Make a squiggly selection around the circle like so:
Now invert the selection (control/command + shift + I) and press the delete key. After you deselect and zoom out to 100%, you should now have something like this:
Duplicate that layer (layer  Duplicate layer)
And transform (control/command + T) it. Drag the crosshairs in the middle of the bounding box here: To the middle bottom here:
Move your mouse over to the top right corner of the bounding box until an arrow appears, then click and drag until your image looks something like this:
Now press ENTER (or return on Mac). Here’s the cool part: Press control/command + alt + shift + T (let go) control/command + alt + shift + T (so on) until you have something like this:
Now, hide the background layer, and go up to layer  Merge visible (unhide the background) duplicate the layer, and repeat the steps starting from transforming the image. You should have something like this: Keep repeating the steps. Shrink your image (ctrl/command+T) a couple of times if it goes out of the screen. Enjoy!