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Pixel Pattern Technique

Oct 18th 2005
Pixel Patterns:
This tutorial was written by Shiden4

Start out with a 5 x 5, transparent image. Now select the Zoom tool, (Z), and zoom into 1600%.

The first pattern we are going to make is a diagonal scanline, so Press (D) to reset your foreground and background colors. Select Black, the foreground color.

Select your line tool, (U), then draw a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Be certain you set your line's weight to 1 pixel. The weight corresponds to the thickness of a line, our example is 1 pixel thick. Also uncheck the anti-alias option as I have done, (this is not necessary, but it has its advantages).

Go to Edit, and move down to Define Pattern. Give it the name, Diagonal Scanline. Click ok. At this point, its not necessary to save the image so you can close it, and select the option to not save.
Now go ahead and open the picture you want to apply the scanlines to. Once you've done that, select your Paint Bucket tool, (G). Choose from the dropdown menu at the top, pattern. Then to the right of that drop down menu is another, click the little arrow, and choose our newly made pattern.
Now make a new layer above your picture, you do this by pressing the little page icon on the layers menu. I also lowered the opacity to about 31%, but you should do this in the next step.
Now click the mouse to fill your layer. You're done. Adjust the opacity to your taste. Go to file and save it with another name.

That's not all you can make, there are 1000's of patterns you can find. Change the size of your image to 3 x 1 pixel, or use a different color when you make your patterns. When you apply your pattern, change the blending mode, these are all just suggestions.