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Picking a Typeface

Jun 27th 2007

When it comes to picking a typeface there are a few general rules you should consider, in particular you need to consider if it is for screen or print.

Print fonts for articles tend to be more Times New Roman, and similar 'serif' type fonts. If you are interested in trying different to Times New Roman... Try Baskerville or Goudy Old Style, which are both great substitutes for the standard Times New Roman.

If your work is primarily for screen or the internet then you should probably be sticking to Sans Serif type fonts ... Like Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma or Verdana. Those are probably the most widely used fonts on the internet for screen use at the moment.

If you are interested in giving your work more kick, for example in a poster, then you could try fonts called Impact or Futura, both quite modern and Futura in particular has a variety of different options for boldness.

If you have any opinions on fonts or have a favourite font, pleaselet us know in the comments section.