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Free Flash Image Viewer for your Website

Dec 24th 2007

More and more these days we see webmasters opt for those cool flash galleries to showcase their work. Sure you can use things like Flickr, but some of us still prefer to host our own work completey. This product is fantastic for showcasing galleries and is really painless to install.

Basically you just upload the files, and edit an XML document using a text editor, such as NotePad or TextPad.

Try to keep the the directory structure they have in the demo that comes with the package otherwise you may encounter errors.

Another neat thing is that you can install multiple galleries easily, you just have to upload another instance of the script.

I would like to emphasise it's really user friendly and on the product website there is a comprehensive FAQ. There are also paid options if you are not confident editing the XML file or have trouble, however I did not test these.

If you are interested, here is the website to download your simpleviewer: